Dec 14, 2018

Hi All, Please can someone tell me how to disable the IPv6 address on the ILO inteface. My client only requires IPv4 to access the ILO and leaving a live IPv6 address on the ILO is classed as a security risk. Understanding IPv6 Link Local Address - Cisco Apr 14, 2020 Can't fully disable link-local IPv6 on WRT32X - Linksys

There are two options for static configuration of IPv6 addresses on Cisco routers. For one option, you configure the entire 128-bit IPv6 address, and for the other, you just configure the 64-bit prefix and tell the device to use an EUI-64 calculation for the interface ID portion of the address.

M Series,T Series,MX Series,PTX Series. Understanding IPv6 Neighbor Discovery, Example: Configuring IPv6 Interfaces and Enabling Neighbor Discovery Aug 07, 2013 · With IPv6 we can simplify this statement further and use a link-local address as the default gateway. In IPv6 Link-Local addresses are mandatory addresses according to RFC 4291. This means that all interfaces are required to have at least one Link-Local unicast address from the address block fe80::/10, which has been reserved for link-local Jul 20, 2017 · You may disable either one with the AddressFamily setting in sshd_config. This example disable IPv6: AddressFamily inet The default is any. inet6 means IPv6 only. On the client side, logging in over IPv6 networks is the same as IPv4, except you use IPv6 addresses. This example uses a global unicast address in the private LAN address range:

Oct 25, 2018 · Note: In principle, the DHCPv6 protocol operates on link-local addresses, so strictly speaking a server doesn't require to have a global address configured on its interfaces. However, the DHCPv6 component in dhcpd was implemented to follow the same logic as its DHCPv4 counterpart and thus it requires a global IPv6 address configured on its

linux - Disable inet6 link-local address from one Anyone know how I can disable the link-local address from just one interface on CentOS 5.6? This is what I tried: =no IPV6_AUTOCONF=no IPV6_ROUTER=no root-> egrep -i ipv6 /etc/sysctl.conf #disable ipv6 from eth0 net.ipv6.conf.eth0.disable_ipv6 = 1 net.ipv6.conf.eth0.autoconf = 0 root-> ip -f inet6 a show dev eth0 2: eth0: