Dec 14, 2014 · Your teen will/can bypass OpenDNS: Simply use other public DNS servers on their iPhone, iPad, iTouch, XBOX 360, Nintendo DS, PC, Mac, etc. and bypass OpenDNS. Also, as mentioned before, they can install their router unbeknown to you, and bypass it that way.

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How to Set Up Whole-House Parental Controls with OpenDNS

If you prefer OpenDNS, follow the same steps but use these following configurations: DNS Server: Alternate DNS Server: . However, as mentioned before, the issue with using these types of DNS servers is that the administrator running them are … How to get past an OpenDNS block? : teenagers

May 06, 2015

A DNS block is done by simple removing the website from the 'phonebook'. One can bypass a DNS block in just 5 seconds :) Just use another DNS! 1) Go to Control Panel > Network settings. 2) Click on your LAN or Wifi network connection, and click 'Properties'. 3) Select IPv4 and click 'Properties'. I get A's in all my classes but he just doesn't want me playing them. I'm on a Mac OSX Mavericks w/o administrative rights. How do I get past the block? I usually only play games on steam like TF2 or LoL. If anyone has a way to get past the block, or is willing to let me use their Optimum/Xfinity/TWC account to get free wi-fi, let me know.