I can't say much about the ip2 plugin for vuze, as i've never used it, but from my rigorous testing of various clients i've found Vuze to be the most extensible and usable torrent client out there (and the only one i can get to do precisely what i want it to do), after you strip it of the bloat and switch it to classic mode at least (which the fact that you can actually do is a big plus).

May 27, 2017 FAQ - i2pd documentation Create separate profile for I2P (firefox instructions), and try not to mix clearnet browsing with I2P. Learn how to configure your browser for better privacy and security. Configuring privoxy for I2P/onion/clearnet browsing at the same time is a good idea. i2pd's socks proxy has an option to pass all non-I2P traffic to the Tor socks proxy. I2P - Home | Facebook

Dec 25, 2016

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Is there really a reason to use Vuze for i2p downloading

Apr 26, 2018 I2P Darknet - What Is It and How to Use It to Hide Your IP